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So ignore my messy home, but this is my Boston Terrier, Boris, watching me dink around on the internet. This has been getting ‘worse’ for the last two weeks or so… he particularly becomes involved whenever I’m playing Dragon Age, when the battles get intense and I’m especially on edge about it. My husband, Brian, […]

In the spirit of getting this show back on the road, this is a test of the Android broadcasting system! Have a picture of a funny vandalized sign.

This isn’t really art related, but I don’t really care. I have friends who are longtime LARPers (Live Action Role Players), and I’ve been officially sucked into the Pathways game run by YAGA in Jennings Park near my house. You can see me in the photo – I’m wearing the blue and yellow robe, and […]

It’s been done! My business cards have been designed, and they’re due to come in on May 13th! I’m very excited. As per usual, I ordered them through, my favorite small jobs print site. They’re based in California, and they consistently produce high quality products in a short turnaround time – the cards will […]

Dragon in Beta Phase

Greetings. Here is neither the best nor the first post on the interwebs, but I will endeavor to entertain you while I share with you my artwork. You see, I started my artistic life as a graphic designer – which I still do – but I’m finding that I need new mediums to explore and […]