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So I mentioned that I’d lost my mojo, artistically speaking – well, I’m back in the saddle and rockin’ out. My awesome husband sprang for a copy of CS5 for me, we installed it, and Bob’s your uncle. I cranked out a 30 minute set of handbills for the store for Free RPG Day, and […]

First, forgive me for the cruddy photos. I’m using my phone, and it’s not… the hottest thing on the market anymore, in terms of camera capabilities. However, with that in mind, look at all these photos! I’m currently running a campaign in Pathfinder (what used to be D&D 3.5, but WOTC sold the rights to […]

There’s no reason for you to smell bad anymore. Pick a class, race or alignment, and show up smelling… of, well, anything but Orc or BO. Same thing, really.