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Back in the Digital Game

So I mentioned that I’d lost my mojo, artistically speaking – well, I’m back in the saddle and rockin’ out. My awesome husband sprang for a copy of CS5 for me, we installed it, and Bob’s your uncle. I cranked out a 30 minute set of handbills for the store for Free RPG Day, and while it’s not exactly fine art compared to some of the stuff I’ve done, it’s definitely not bad for 30 minutes.

Thus restored to my digital art heritage, I’m going to be making an advertising campaign for the store, updating all of the in-store signs, and generally doing what I said I’d do a long time ago. About damn time, eh?

(Free RPG Day, btw, went extraordinarily well: I ran the Pathfinder module called “We Be Goblins!” for two sessions over the course of 7 hours solid! There were a lot of people that showed up, massive amounts of fun was had by all, and now we’re all tired and happy.)

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