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It’s Business (Card) Time
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It’s been done! My business cards have been designed, and they’re due to come in on May 13th! I’m very excited. As per usual, I ordered them through, my favorite small jobs print site. They’re based in California, and they consistently produce high quality products in a short turnaround time – the cards will be here a week earlier than the site initially promised! I know Vistaprint is cheaper, but you really get what you pay for in this situation. I’ll have to do a comparison between Vistaprint cards and Overnightprints cards, because it’s a pretty epic difference. But, I digress.
For me, business cards are really the ultimate promotional item, and having a fistful of them to hand out at any given moment makes me feel like a Real Artist. I’ve altered them from my previous card design in 2004 – I’m going to be focusing on more painterly things now than graphics, even though I’ll be doing both. Illustration was initially what I wanted to go to school for, after all… I just sort of fell in love with graphic design along the way. But ah, I digress. Here is what the cards look like.
I’ve always had a thing for fingerprints, seeing as how they end up all over everything I do while it’s still in progress. My drawing and painting teacher, Sandy, used to tease me that I didn’t need a signature because my pieces would always be the ones with the fingerprints all over them, especially in charcoal drawing classes (I would also accidentally give myself Hitler moustaches regularly, since I would have charcoal all over my hands and I would wipe my nose… gross, huh?).
As I designed these, I imagined myself working on a current painting or drawing, and someone coming up to me to ask about my work. I’d chat, and hand them a business card – but the card would get covered in my fingerprints, because I’d be covered in whatever I was working with. It really sums up a lot of the positive interactions I’ve had over my artistic career (like the time I was fingerpainting a globe for an international music festival EvCC Student Activities puts on every year… my boss thought I was nuts, but in a good way). Wandering Havoc is going to keep a stash of these on hand for anyone who asks about my dragon mural (which is done, btw – I promise I’ll get photos of the finished piece ASAP! I will also be selling prints of it in the shop, and eventually online).

Also, I went on a weekend retreat with my husband, my friend Cassie and her husband down to Portland and Seaside – I’ll be doing some illustrations of animals from the zoo, if I get my butt into gear! We’ll see how it goes. Brian got a really good shot of a crocodile’s butt; I’ll at least be making an illustration from that one. The finished dragon and the zoo animals will all get their own posts, so don’t feel cheated just yet. It’ll all get covered, just as soon as my homework’s done!

Oh, that reminds me – it’s customary for a design project (or any serious project, really) to have a Gantt chart made up for it. I used to disdain the things, but my latest class has forced me to become familiar with them. I think I might actually like them now! If you want to try one out, a great little download is GanttProject, a website offering free Gantt builders for Mac, Windows or Linux. I’ve been nothing but thrilled with my download thus far, and I’ve had to do a crapton of stuff in it.

Lastly, the title of this post was inspired by the riotously funny song by Flight of the Conchords, ‘Business Time.’ I wanted, nay, needed to share this before I left:

That’s all I got for now, kids – keep tuning in for more!

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