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Call of the LARPers, and Good Old-Fashioned Havoc

This isn’t really art related, but I don’t really care. I have friends who are longtime LARPers (Live Action Role Players), and I’ve been officially sucked into the Pathways game run by YAGA in Jennings Park near my house. You can see me in the photo – I’m wearing the blue and yellow robe, and though it’s difficult to make out, I’ve got a red boffer sword, boffer arrows and a bow strapped to me. The game is a complete riot – you basically act out Dungeons and Dragons (although we used a much more simplified system). In our current party, we have: Me, an elven bard; Willow, a demon charged with fixing reality; Darius, a pirate who’s lost his mind and keeps it in a box of nightmares; Loki, a hammer-wielding cleric; DeadGirl, a zombie; Smokes, a very taciturn warrior; Fighter, an orc who lives up to his name; and several furry warriors, including a cat, a fox, and… another cat, I think? It’s hard to tell them apart sometimes. You know how those furries are difficult to tell apart.

I’m still catching up on the storyline, because it’s long and convoluted, and my character is mostly concerned with surviving each day alongside her nutty compatriots. Somehow, I’ve been appointed the pirate’s first mate, and I’ve decided I’m going to get his mind back where it needs to be come hell or high water. I’m going to be making a ‘Mystic Coloring Book’ for him as a prop item – if it turns out well, I might go to and get a few made up with nice binding! I’ll deliver pictures when I’ve finished.

On another awesome geek note, Wandering Havoc is expanding! They’ve acquired another segment of the building they’re in, and they’re going to be doubling their gaming space – and I will have my art studio! In exchange for free dedicated art space, I’ll be watching their shop in the afternoons… which will be absolutely awesome, since I’m down there so often anyway. I’ll be able to clean a lot of my painting supplies out of the office in my house so that my poor husband can use his computer desk again, and I’ll have to limit what projects I’m working on – and Wandering Havoc will have an on-board painter. Everyone wins. I’ve already got a pile of my business cards on the counter down there – we’ll see how it goes!

It’s all very exciting here.

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