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Mea Culpa.
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I have a confession to make… I sort of lost my mojo for a while. I lost confidence in myself, had some tough decisions to make, and thanks to my awesome (if brutally blunt) friends and family, I’m back.

So now, I will be FORCING myself to make regular updates, which will include in progress work, reports on the awesome geeky stuff I get myself into, and anything else that needs, NEEDS to be shared! My dear friends Dan, Craig and Lista of Wandering Havoc Games have informed me that to go to further conventions, I will need to bring at least one art piece to put into the art show and potentially sell… or no convention for me!

I apologize for not believing those of you who’ve supported me and assured me that I do good work… sometimes, my head is so far up my ass that I can’t hear even if I wanted to do so. It means the world to me that you love me enough to beat some sense into me.

I will be shortly writing about my experience at RustyCon; but in the meantime, I have some painting to do.

Peace out, yo!


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