Jessie Gillespie
Art Geek. Geek Art.
About the Artist

Is this where I’m supposed to pitch myself? Yeah? Or is it where I get all touchy-feely and personal? Ah, I see then.

So I’ve been creative since… well, I guess since I was physically able to smear pudding on my high chair tray, or tell a tall tale (which my mother asserts was when I was 11 months old). My parents weren’t bright enough to discourage me from artistic pursuits, so here I am today. Actually, I kid – they’ve always been very supportive of any artistic ventures I’ve made (although, I don’t think they were too keen on the time I fingerpainted a whole ‘forest’ on their bedroom walls that, uh… didn’t wash off…), and they and my entire family are still supportive today – especially my infinitely patient husband, who frequently comes home to an in-progress art project that takes up almost every square foot of our house.

What’s really great is that they’re supportive of my absolute nerdity that I cannot prevent from creeping into the process. When I was little, other girls drew ponies and houses and flowers; I, on the other hand, was frantically drawing as many new and unique superheroes as I could possibly come up with. I made dragon sculptures in ceramics class. I designed fantasy weapons when I was a broody teenager. I wrote fan fiction by the ream about all of my favorite TV shows: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, Dino Saucers, Darkwing Duck, G.I. Joe, X-Men, Bucky O’Hare… My mother bought my brother and I a subscription to any comics we wanted – Warlock, Amazing Spiderman, X-Men, X-Men 2000 – so that really expanded the nerdity factor. Alternate costumes for Spider Man! More superheroes! Videogames accelerated the process further. Anime and Horror flicks made it even worse. Finally, the internet came around, and my fate was sealed. I married a software developer, I meet twice a week for Dungeons & Dragons games, I regularly have to choose between Business Administration homework and Rock Band, and I lost two years of my life to a Bioware game modding forum. I am a severe, unrepentant, incurable geek with an overactive imagination and the paints and Prismacolor markers to back it up.

And so that’s where I’m coming from. I can produce lovely, dynamic, entertaining, empathetic art in any subject and most mediums, but in my heart, I’m a level 12 Bard with training in Performance: Paint Murals and Knowledge: Geeklore.